Oh, you're awake. That's good. I thought you might have been damaged during transport. I've had entire cases arrive dead, you know? Terrible waste of time. Speaking of which, we should get started. Let's see whether you can last any longer than that last one, shall we? And if not, then don't worry. If you break, I can always get a new one.

About the game

Mouse Trapped is a puzzle game. It tells the story of a nameless mouse, trapped inside a sequence of difficult mazes designed to test the scientist's latest hypothesis. In order to get your reward and advance to the next level, you must manipulate buttons to open secret doors, sneak past cats and avoid deadly holes, and memorise complex patterns.

Or, you can just stay where you are and starve to death. Your choice.

In June 2018, Mouse Trapped was nominated for the BAFTA Young Game Designers competition, along with nine other applicants in the same category. Read more about the competition at the YGD website.

How to play

On a desktop computer, you'll want to control Mouse Trapped using a keyboard. The game supports both WASD and arrow keys, as well as the Vi-inspired HJKL.

If you want to play Mouse Trapped on a touch screen device (interactive whiteboards are fun!), then you can enable onscreen controls using the "Mobile compatibility" button.

The game also (sort of) supports game pads. If you connect a PS3 controller to your device, then you can use the joystick or the directional pad to move the mouse. We have no idea what might happen if you try to use any other kind of controller, but I'm sure it would be fun to find out! This feature doesn't work on Safari.

When you finish a level, you can use a level code to jump straight back to it rather than going through the whole game from the beginning. On the main menu, click "Resume" and type in your code. You can also bring up the levelport dialog by pressing Q during the game.

Control Keyboard PS3 Controller
Move WASD or arrow keys Directional pad or left joystick
Levelport Q [not available]

Supporting video


  • Art and story by Michael Bell
  • Code by Joe Anderson
  • Scientist played by Paul Howlett

Source code

Mouse Trapped is written in Phaser, a JavaScript game framework for making HTML5 games. The source code is available on the project's GitHub page.