I’ve finally surpassed my expectations and created a product and a brand that have led to the development of a multimillion-dollar company. What thanks do I get? All my employees abandon me. […] So much for the workplace family etiquette and what have you. Maybe I can find a replacement. If humans won't appreciate what I've done for them, then maybe something else will.

About the game

Pop Pixie is a Unity game revolving around the adventures of the Pop Pixie, a vigilante corner shop owner whose mission it is to infiltrate the evil Menotes corporation, discover its secrets and take down the Mentoes' Man.

In May 2019, Pop Pixie was nominated for the BAFTA Young Game Designers competition, along with nine other applicants in the same category. The winners of the competition will be announced at the end of June. Read more about the competition at the YGD website.

Pop Pixie is still in development. We plan to release additional content over the next few months, eventually building up to a full game.

You can play the demo of the game in your browser, but we recommend downloading a Mac, Windows or Linux executable from the project's GitHub page instead. Alternatively, you can download the source code and open the project in Unity 2018.3.7 or later.

How to play

You can play Pop Pixie using a keyboard and mouse.

Or, you can use a game controller. Pop Pixie is designed to be compatible with a PS3 controller, which you can connect to your device using a USB cable or Bluetooth. We have no idea what might happen if you try to use any other kind of controller, but I'm sure it would be fun to find out! This feature doesn't work on Safari.

Take your time while playing and read all the documents you find lying around. If you just shoot all the gremlins and run to the elevator, then you're going to miss half the game. Don't make that mistake.

Control Keyboard and mouse PS3 Controller
Move WASD or arrow keys Left joystick
Aim Mouse Right joystick
Shoot Left click R1
Reload Right click Square
Advance dialogue Space or return X
Close lore window Escape Circle

Supporting video


  • Story and writing by Michael Bell
  • Code and music by Joe Anderson
  • Level design by Miles Kneeshaw
  • Vending machine menu theme, sound design, song mixing and voice recording by Luke Crossley
  • Voice acting by Benjamin Rea, Emma Burgess and Michael Bell
  • Character sprites by Benjamin Rea
  • First and second level song ("Shall we begin?") by Thomas Lemon
  • Supporting video by Ian Turner

Source code

Pop Pixie is written in Unity 2018.3.7. The source code is available on the project's GitHub page.